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Natural Wellness Tips's Podcast

Oct 21, 2021

This week I dive into following our intuition and how this step can influence your life and health.  She is a Reiki master teacher and spiritual Shaman who helps her clients overcome blocks to become their authentic and joyous selves. 



Oct 14, 2021

I get a lot of questions about how I use my oils, and what oils I use throughout the day.  In today's episode, I dive into some of my favorite essential oils for mornings, midday, and evenings.  

5 Day Oil Experience:


Oct 7, 2021

Alyx Coble-Frakes is a Holistic Coach and the CEO and Co-Founder of The Agenda. App who specializes in period empowerment. Her passion is to help entrepreneurs harness the power of their monthly cycle for maximum impact and revenue in their businesses.  




Sep 30, 2021

I hear so often from women that their partners are not interested in essential oils and oftentimes do not believe that they work at all.  In this episode, my fiance and I dive into how to talk to you men about essential oils and some of his favorite products and why!


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Sep 23, 2021

After 30 years of drinking and drugging Dora walked away from her lifetime habits and is now living a clean and sober life. She is raising awareness around alcoholism, addiction, and abuse speaking openly and honestly about these issues that affect many families around the world.

Dora is recovering out loud so others...